Successful Coaching

Successful coaching is about having

  • Philosophy
  • Methodology
  • Knowledge base

Coaching Styles

—  Authoritarian: Strong disciplinarian, well organized, good team spirit, dissension and may be feared or disliked.

—  Business like: Intelligent logical approach, well planned and organized, up to date with new techniques, expect 100% effort all the time, may set goal to high for some team members.

—  Nice Guy: Well liked, payers sometimes take advantage of this coach’s corporative nature, Gets on well with players of similar temperament.

—  Easy going coaching style: Give impression of not taking the game seriously, may not be prepared to drive the team at training, well like but may seem to be inadequate in some situations.

—  Intense: Emphasizes, high anxiety often transmitted to players

You as coach

—  What you think is your current style IS?

—  What you would like it to be?

—  How are you going to get there?


—  S – SHOW





—  G – GAME




Definition of Skill

—  Ability; Aptitude; Proficiency; Expertise; craft or trade that requires special training

Definition of talent

—  a natural ability to do something well

—  a person or people with such ability

—  Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality.

To make perfect!

Need ten thousand repetitions to put it into your muscle memory.

Chinese Proves

—  I hear I forgot

—  I see I remember

—  I do I understand


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