Refresher Course “Level O Coaches”

Refresher Course for Level O Coaches in Punakha on Sunday Bhutan cricket council board conducted refresher course for level O coaches in Punakha which was attended by games teachers from various school in Punakha and Wangdue Dzongkhags. The main objective of the refresher course was to revitalize and revamp the technical aspects of the game to those teachers which had already taken part in the level O coaching camp last year.

Demo of Grip by DS Gurung

Demo of Grip by DS Gurung

Apart from the refreshing the cricketing techniques , BCCB was involved in correcting and guiding the right cricketing techniques and also implementing different basic cricket drills and imparting match situation scenario to the coaches. The refreshing course is conducted in line with the yearly plan of BCCB where by the board plans to upgrade school cricket and cricket all round. BCCB plans to groom both the budding potential players and also coaches in different school in different districts.

Batting stance Batting stance 

Demo: spin

Demo: spin

About 21 games teachers from different schools participated in the one day refresher course for level O which was successfully conducted.  Visited to school grounds (match venues) to assess on ground condition. Punakha got three good grounds which will help us to conducted not just only matches but to produce talented players.


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