Sarpang Concludes the Inaugural Twenty20

HHC "The Champion"

HHC "The Champion"

Sarpang District concluded the Inaugural Twenty20 cricket tournament after two weeks of blistering entertainment played in the Gelephu Sports Ground, local team from neighboring country India also participated in tournament where they walk away being winner. The tournament is being conducted by BCCB branch office in Gelephu.

Participating Teams:1.Shyam 11, 2.Druk Warriors, 3.Himalayan Hatisar Club, 4.Young Star Club
Finals.Himalayan Hatisar Club vs Druk Warriors.
Toss won by HHC and elected to bat.1st innings – HHC made 103 in 14.3 overs. Bittu Das(20),Bappu Saha(20).Mohan Sahani 6/21 in 4 overs.2nd innings – DW made 61 in 16.3 overs. Viswajeet(8). Pukar Thapa 3/14 in 3 overs,Tenzin Lama 2/3 in 3 overs,Bappu Saha 2/5 in 3 overs.HHC won by runs.

1st Match.Himalayan Hatisar Club vs Druk Warriors.Walk over by HHC and Druk W win.

2nd Match.Shyam 11 vs Young Star Club
Toss won by Shyam11 and elected to field.1st innings – YSC made 88 runs in 14.4 overs. Bhutu(36 runs), Dampo Dorji 3/34 in 4 overs,Bikash 2/2 in 1.4 overs.2nd innings – Shyam11 made 92 in 14.5 overs. Ahujal Ghalay(28 runs),Tshering Dorji(24 runs).Shyam11 win by 9 wickets.MOM- Ahuja Ghalay.

3rd Match.Druk Warriors vs Young Star Club
Toss won by Drouk W and elected to bat.1st innings – Druk W made 131 runs in 20 overs. vickey(32 runs),Susil 3/27 in 4 overs2nd innings – YSC made 65 runs in 18.5 overs. Saurav(13 runs),Vickey 5/18 in 4 overs,Jigme Tobgay 2/15 in 3.5 oversDruk Warriors win by 66 runs.MOM- Vickey.

4th Match.Shyam11 vs Himalayan Hatisar Club
Toss won by Shyam11 and elected to field.1st innings – HHC made 115 in 18.3 overs. Gundu Saha(47 runs).Tshering Dorji 3/8 in 2.3 overs,Kumar Subba 3/16 in 4 overs2nd innings – Shyam11 made 107 in 18.5 overs.Kumar Subba(22 runs), Karma tenzin(20 runs).Pukar Thapa 4/19 in 4 overs,Bittu Das 3/11 in 4 oversHHC won by 8 runs.MOM- Gundu Saha.

5th Match.Himalayan HC vs Young SC
Toss won by HHC and elected to bat.1st innings – HHC made 163 in 15 overs.Basant Chettri(51 runs) Bittu Das(39)Tenzin Lama(36 runs).Bhutu 2/8 in 3 overs.2nd innings – YSC made 57 runs in 14.4 overs.Susil Sharma Luitel(13 runs). Bappu Saha 2/3 in 2.4 overs,Gundu Saha 2/6 in 3 overs.HHC won by 106 runs.MOM- Basant Chettri.

6th Match.Druk Warriors vs Shyam11Walk Over by Druk Warriors. Shyam11 wins.
MOM- Mohan Sahani.
MOS- Gundu SahaBest Bowler – Mohan SahaniBest Batsman – Basant Chettri
Runner’s Up


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  1. Tashi says:

    Great and keep up the good work man………….

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