BCCB Annual General Meeting

The BCCB Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday August 18th at Phuntsho Pelri Hotel. This was the first AGM conducted with presence of newly appointed Honorable President Thinley Wangchuk Dorji.
All the Administration members, coordinators, coaches, representatives from National teams attended the meeting.
The duration of the meeting went up to five hours. After the submission of the development and financial report to members, the main subject discussed was the problem faced at presence with coordinators, coaches, players and administration.

President said, till date work has been outstanding but we all have to think of taking a step up. He said ground is the biggest problem we are facing but it doesn’t mean that the cricket is over, we have to continue with work that we have started and more over bring better structure for all departments. He said future of the Bhutan Cricket is bright, so we have to be patient and work harder.

“My first goal is to build cricket academy in Bhutan from where we can nurture players for the International level. It is a new challenge and we all have to work together to promote cricket in Bhutan,” said President.
Lack of human resources and individual doing multi task was discussed citing specific focus of resources and capacity.
Many issues was tabled by representatives of Women’s national team captain, U19 representative and senior team.

Edited by: Phuntsho Wangdi


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