Cricket Tips

Over arm Throw

Throwing the ball in quickly and accurately from the outfield is an important skill for every fielder to master. It is a useful tool in preventing runs and getting batsmen run out. So it’s important to get the basics right.

STEP ONE: Having collected the ball in both hands, stand sideways to the target. The throwing arm is taken back behind the head.

STEP TWO: Pull the non-throwing arm through. Throwing arm swings forward keeping the elbow at least level with top of throwing shoulder.
The wrist should be outside the line of, and behind, the elbow.

STEP THREE: Release the ball with both feet on the ground and the chest facing the target.

STEP FOURSwing the throwing arm through so that both arms end up behind the opposite hip. Keep the head and eyes facing the target.


LEG SPIN (Wrist Spin)

The grip is two fingers up and two down, with the split  between the second and third fingers,  which are spread across the seam.  The thumb rests on the ball and does not do anything.  Shane says his grip is a little unusual because his first  two fingers are closer than most leg-spinners.
The delivery – The spin on the ball is roughly 30 degrees  so that the ball both spins sideways and dips with the overspin.  Closest variation is the top-spinner, where the seam points to the wicketkeeper and the ball over-spins straight down the pitch.




GRIP: The grip will vary according to type of bowler, but the board principle is that the ball should be held in the fingers and not in the hand. There is no hard and fast rule about bowling flips and it is up to the bowler to find out what suits him the best, but most swing bowlers will point the seam of the ball in the direction they want it to swing to.

RUN UP:  Body Slightly Lean Elbows Tucked Head Steady Good Balance  Start with small step and gradually increase to comfortable bigger steps.


GATHER:  Hands close to the body and jumping towards the target Gradually moving the ball below the chin and free hand moving towards the sky Head straight looking at the target

BACK FOOT LANDING: Ball in close Free arm raised above the head Push towards the target Balanced

DELIVERY STRIDE:  Front foot land fully on the ground before the release  Balanced position Gradually transferring weight towards front foot and locking front knee before the release.

RELEASE: The ball is about to be released. The hand is upright, flexed slightly back and behind the ball. The left arm continues the forward and down swing. The weight of the body is on the braced front leg. The back leg is off the ground, with the knee pointing towards the batsman at the other end, bringing the right hip round in a jerking movement. With the trunk sideways on for as long as possible, the right hip must do its work at this stage to bring the trunk round ready for the release of the ball.

FOLLOW THROUGH:  The complete follow through. The right leg goes past and moves over the front foot. The left arm swings on past the left side. The right arm completes the full follow through. The head is steady, with the forehead towards the batsman.

One Response to “Cricket Tips”
  1. khansa says:

    these tips are good reminder of the basics of bowling. thanks.
    khansa irfan (kuwait cricket)

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